Welcome to xllogger


Data logging just got easier!


xllogger is an innovative new datalogging system using direct USB sensors & Excel* for data capture and analysis


Sensors plug straight into USB ports on any Windows computer
• Simple and easy to set up
• No expensive interface
• Fewer messy leads

No dedicated software program just Microsoft Excel*

• Data is logged directly into Excel* and graphed automatically
• Simple toolbar commands control everything
• Completely intuitive - start logging straight away
• Students work in the familiar Excel* environment
• All the power of Excel* for analysing data is immediately available


Wide range of cost effective sensors

• All the standard sensors with new ones being developed

• Simply plug them in and start logging (no calibration needed)

• Robust construction and encapsulated leads



Excel* based datalogging with
direct USB sensors



Datalogging just got easier!

* Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft